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If your bored of the usual or and would like your own personal email address for, then look no further. We can provide you with your very own domain name, e.g., allowing you all to have an easy to remember email address, e.g.

At Deep Blue Computing, our email service is comprehensive as we understand email is a vital communication tool, and so being bogged down in spam and viruses is time wasting. This is why we believe these important tools have been included with all packages.

By using our webmail service, you can even check your email while on holiday.

The costs involved are minimal, but included below is our pricing structure

Basic Intermediate Advanced
Domain Name tick tick tick
Anti-Virus Filtering tick tick tick
Spam Filtering tick tick tick
Adult Content Filtering tick tick tick
Email Addresses 3 5 15
POP3 Access   tick tick
Email Forwarding   tick tick
Catch All Emails     tick
Setup: 50 50 50
Monthly Maintenance: 5 10 15

* Prices do not include VAT